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There are two ways to access your subscription and deploy software to your students and outfit your labs: the first option is by downloading software and keys from the Visual Studio Subscription Portal, the second option is activating a free WebStore offered by Kivuto Solutions Inc., a Microsoft partner.

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Visual Studio Subscription Portal

If this is your first time accessing the portal you will be required to link a Microsoft account with the email address that was provided at the enrollment time. You will need your Subscriber ID or Benefits Access Number, the full name of an administrator, and the email given during enrollment to link to these accounts. After linking your accounts you will be able to access the Visual Studio Subscriber Portal.

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WebStores for Azure Dev Tools for Teaching use an Electronic License Management System solution included in every Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription at no additional cost. Institutions can use WebStore to manage and distribute software licenses to students, faculty and staff, as well as everything you need to outfit your computer labs.

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